Many businesses and individuals experience computer problems every day, and they don’t realise it’s possible to fix many of them at an affordable price. Fixing smaller computer issues as they arise is a wise decision for individuals, and especially businesses because it prevents larger more expensive problems from occurring. The end-result of most computer problems, if allowed to develop, is the ultimate failure of the PC or laptop. This failure can be a hardware failure, but in 2016 the biggest culprit for computer failure and performance drops is viruses and malware.

According to Panda Security, nearly 32% of all computers globally are infected with a virus. This amount of infection represents millions of machines that are operating at a reduced capacity because they’re busy with other tasks. These tasks can be spreading the virus to as many users as possible by attaching itself to any files you send to friends and family. Depending on how malicious the virus is, hackers or criminals could be gaining access to your personal information, including bank account details and private identifying information. It’s important that if you notice a decrease in performance on your PC or laptop to run a virus scan using your included anti-virus software and see if there’s an immediate threat to the integrity of your computer.

Viruses and Malware are the biggest culprits in performance loss requiring PC and Laptop repairs in Blackburn

While this can be disorienting for a residential customer who wants to keep their files secure, it can mark the end of times for a company. In 2014 it was estimated by McAfee, an Internet security firm, that cyber-crime attributed to between $375 and $575 billion USD in corporate losses. The ramifications of a security breach of sensitive documents stored online can destroy a company’s reputation, or at least significantly inhibit the continued growth of business. As we approach 2017, it’s more important than ever to maintain the integrity of a company’s client database and ensure that a customer’s personal information is never at risk of being stolen and possibly sold on the black market.

While It Can Be Tough Dealing with Viruses and Malware There Are Simple Steps to Prevent an Infection.

Luckily there are a few quick tips to prevent viruses, spyware, or malware from infecting your network and forcing you to require computer repairs in Blackburn. The first is always to us antivirus software and frequently run scans. The second is never to open attachments from individuals you don’t recognise. The third tip is to make sure if you only connect to trusted local networks. If you notice a virus, disconnect immediately and make sure it’s cleared up before reconnecting.

TechToYou is Australia’s premier tech firm specialising in Laptop and PC repairs in Blackburn. We offer networking solutions for corporate and residential purposes, and in addition to creating networks, we secure them by providing virus and malware diagnosis and removal. In the case of a serious network issue, we’re able to backup all computers in your home or office. When working with us, you’re able to rest comfortably knowing that your network, computers, and data are always secure.