Business Email Hosting

In the business world, nothing is as essential for staying in touch and coordinating operations as email. Internally, it allows employees to collaborate, rapidly share information, and receive company memos. Externally, it facilitates quick communication across distances plus a way to send out emails to clients or customers. Tech to You can help your company by setting up an enterprise-grade email exchange system. More than just a way to communicate with employees on company machines, our system will allow for mobile capabilities and more.

With a Tech to You-supplied email system, you and your employees can access calendar information, contacts, and of course your emails from any platform you like. That includes desktop machines and laptops and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. It’s a convenient service that centralises important email information in one easy to access place. In this way, your staff can stay connected to the business of the day even when they’re out of the office.

Additionally, all of Tech to You’s email solutions come complete with rigorous virus scanning and spam filtering. You can rest easy knowing that your company email won’t fill up with spam messages or have a high risk of viral attacks. In combination with good employee security practices, the system offers robust functionality and security. Ask us today about creating such a system for your business.