Data Backups

Inside your computer, no component is as important as the hard drive. It’s not just the place where your operating system resides; it’s also the storage for all your important data. If your hard drive were to fail, would your data be safe? Without a backup to rely upon, your information could vanish after an accident or equipment failure. This unfortunate situation is all too familiar, yet you can avoid it easily. Creating and maintaining a regular backup is essential for home users, but even more important for businesses. What if one was to lose all customer records or transaction data? Safeguarding against this possibility is another service offered by Tech to You.

Should you back up your files to an external USB hard drive? What about relying on cloud backup and storage solutions instead? There are plenty of options to provide yourself with data security. Our technicians will assess your needs and help suggest the best backup option available. For users with less information, for example, a local USB backup is often sufficient. For businesses, a complete and regularly updated off-site backup is the best way to ensure continued integrity. We can then handle the process of actually creating the backup.

Keep your information safe no matter how many computers you switch between over the years. Backups protect you from viruses, hardware failures, power surges, and more. Discuss your backup options with Tech to You today.