Software Installation

Without software, computers would be useless. The hardware is only one part of the equation; software is necessary to tell the hardware what to do, for nearly every task. Unfortunately, finding the software you want and installing it correctly isn’t always easy. At other times, there may be upgrades your software requires. Sometimes, developers even discontinue some programs, making them difficult to find for re-installation. For those experiencing issues with software installation, Tech to You can help here as well.

Want us to install the latest versions of all your favourite programs? What about configuring settings so that everything works just the way it should? Our experienced technicians will gladly assist you with software installation and configuration. From software as large as Adobe Photoshop to programs as basic as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, we’ll make sure it installs successfully. Once we return your computer to you, you can jump right in and begin using the new software. We love to help take the hassle out of installations and updates.

Ready to set up a new PC? Be sure to check out Tech to You’s PC migration services. We can help you install software on your new machine while also moving your data. It’s the convenient way to upgrade.