Computer Upgrades

Computers enable us to accomplish many things in the realms of both business and pleasure, but they don’t stay on the cutting edge forever. An old PC can slow down, start to run out of hard drive space, and even run up against issues where users don’t have enough memory (RAM) to run the programs they want. When your PC struggles when opening a big spreadsheet or stutters when you try to stream video on YouTube, it might be time for an upgrade.

Is your old workhorse laptop starting to show signs of old age? Don’t throw it out and replace it — upgrade it instead. There’s often no need to move to a new model when you can achieve better performance by adding memory or disk space. Tech to You can breathe new life into your old PC or laptop with updated components for vastly improved performance.

We also offer an upgrade service aimed at gamers. Is your gaming rig unable to run the latest and greatest games on their highest settings? Don’t miss out on the latest graphics and most exciting gameplay. Let our technicians know what level of performance you’re aiming for; we’ll work to understand your needs. Afterward, we’ll plan and configure upgrades to your PC to sharpen it back to the cutting edge. Now you’ll be able to turn the settings up and enjoy much better video performance than before.