PC and Mac Migration Services

Our PCs hold an incredible amount of data — from our favourite programs to our Internet bookmarks, personal documents, and family photos. When you buy a new computer, dealing with the blank slate it represents can be overwhelming. Moving all that data and reinstalling all your preferred software can take a lot of time and effort. Why not let Tech to You handle the migration process for you instead?

Using both your old PC and your new computer, we’ll transfer all the important data into the new hard drive. We’ll ensure proper installation for all the software you requested so you can return to productivity quickly. You’ll get your new computer back in a “ready to use” state. Just turn it on and go back to work.

Thinking about leaving the world of Windows behind and making the switch to a Mac instead? Tech to You knows Apple products as well. We can move your data to a new Mac just as easily as a new PC. We can coordinate with you to discuss software needs and how you’d like your Mac to be set up for productivity. Ask us about taking the first steps towards using Apple products today — our technicians are always happy to help.