Remote Support Options

Sometimes, issues with your computer can occur quite suddenly and leave you feeling concerned and worried about its functionality. What if the issue you have needs fixing urgently so you can return to completing important or time-sensitive work? When you don’t have the time to wait for a chance to bring your machine in, Tech to You offers another option: remote support. With a phone call to let us know what you need, we can work to help correct the problem without ever seeing your machine in person. The only thing required is an active, stable Internet connection. If your PC still has web connectivity, we can still help.

How does remote support work? With the use of software or Windows built-in Remote Desktop functionality, we can “see” your screen from our location. This method also allows us to work inside the operating system, checking out the problem you’ve described to our technicians. Through this remote connection, we can work to solve many of the software-related issues that can crop up on your PC.

We will do our best to ensure resolution of the issue during the remote support session. However, this is not always possible. If we determine that to be the case, we’ll discuss scheduling options with you for a more in-depth service visit. Otherwise, you’ll be able to return to using your computer worry-free once we fix the problem and end the remote session.