Network Setup

Networks are the backbone of today’s computer operations. After all, the Internet is really just one giant network of global servers and computers. On a much smaller level, though, they serve many different roles both at home and in business. Networks can link computers together, or in the case of Wi-Fi, allow machines to the connect to the web. When you’re experiencing problems with your networks, it can be both immensely frustrating and time-consuming to remedy. Tech to You can resolve the issues you’re facing.

Some of the problems networks can experience include:

  • Slow performance, leading to lag and long load times
  • Connectivity issues (i.e. “dropping”), preventing access the web and network resources
    Lost packets (information not reaching your PC or the router)
  • Exceedingly weak signal

Our experienced and qualified technicians can check your network both at home and in the workplace. We’ll implement fixes while also considering ways to improve the network. Sometimes simply moving the broadcast point for a Wi-Fi signal to a more central location can solve the problem, for example. Tech to You will work out the kinks in your networks and ensure smooth, seamless functionality across all the devices you (or your employees) use. We can also assist in deploying new networks or expanding existing setups. Contact us to find out more about this service.