Computer Repairs

    Are you having trouble getting your computer to start? Does it regularly suffer from crashes or the “Blue Screen of Death”? Perhaps you can make a cup of tea (and drink it too) in the time it takes your PC to start. Computers that run slowly are frustrating to use and difficult to be productive with; instead, you can spend all your time fighting to make it do what you want! One of our techs can help determine exactly why those problems occur and provide a remedy to them.

    We also offer device repairs as well. Have you cracked the screen on your laptop or lost some keys from the keyboard? Maybe your desktop machine suffers from internal component failures, but you aren’t sure of the exact problem. Computers have many parts that must all work together to operate. When RAM goes bad or a motherboard fails, we can replace them. Even issues as minor as a non-functioning CD drive can cause frustrations. Let us deal with them instead.

    Whether it’s slow operation or damaged components, we’ll fix the problem. One of Tech to You’s qualified technicians can look over your machine, diagnose the issue, and implement repairs. We’ll have it running back at full speed in no time.