Printer Installation and Repairs

Among all the many accessories we can connect to our computers, few are as essential as the printer. There’s never a shortage of occasions in life that call for printing off a hard copy of something created digitally. Whether it’s a child’s report for school, an important document one needs to sign, or receipts for your records, a reliable printer is a must-have item for many. Printers are notoriously unruly machines, though, and it can be difficult to configure them on your own — especially when wireless networks come into play.

Have you purchased a new printer? Tech to You can set it up for seamless integration with your home network. That way, you can easily print wirelessly from any machine in your home, whether desktop PC or laptop. We also work with non-wireless printers. This service includes installing or checking computer drivers so devices can properly communicate with the printer. After our technicians finish, creating hard copies of your documents will be much easier.

What if your printer setup works well, but the machine suddenly breaks down? No worries. Tech to You also offers printer repairs so you don’t need to pay for a replacement unit. From clogged inkjets to paper jams and more, we’ll get to the bottom of the issue. After repairs, you’ll receive your printer back in good condition again. Ask us about setting it up to guarantee proper operations too.